A high-investment, emotional mecha LARP set in a haunted future.


From the unknown depths of the Charon Belt come the Devil Engines: nightmare mecha piloted by demonic cyborgs. Their campaign of relentless slaughter has left the five nations scrambling for a miracle. As space colonies make catastrophic planetfall and the invasion accelerates, the clandestine Project Gabriel dares a desperate gamble. Old machines wake to unprecedented calamity. Ancient promises spark with new and secret devotion.
The Archangel Frames are online.

Archangel Frame is an anime-inspired mecha LARP, with a setting that blends sci-fi tropes and Gothic horror sensibilities. Gameplay is designed to invite highly charged, dramatic play with serious emotional stakes. The game includes rigorous safety mechanisms to ensure that players feel comfortable as they explore more challenging topics. While Archangel Frame’s mechanics depict a world caught in a pattern of abuse and neglect, the game narrative foregrounds empathy, accountability, and direct communication.



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Project Gabriel is waiting. Will you help defend the planet?