Archangel Frame has a mandatory safety system to ensure player comfort and enable emotional play.


Archangel Frame includes a number of safety protocols players must follow. These allow players to calibrate the intensity of their experience and self-select into the content with which they are most comfortable.

  • Safety indicators. Each player wears one of four safety indicators at all times, displaying the degree to which they are comfortable with intense content: not at all, low intensity, standard intensity, or high intensity. Players may change their indicator at any time to reflect their emotional state and comfort with scene partners, settings, or topics.

  • Signal phrases. To begin a potentially intense scene, players must use a signal phrase. Then, players have an opportunity to discuss the scene's content before agreeing to, altering, or opting out of the scene. Players who opt out of an intense scene still derive the same in-game benefit, if any, that the scene would provide.

  • Content warnings. Before engaging in an intense scene, players must discuss any relevant content warnings, or the scene may not begin.

  • Phase out. This mechanic, sourced from Doomsday, is a way for players to exit scenes that they do not feel comfortable continuing.

  • OK check-in. This system allows players to gauge one another's comfort and intentions for a scene with a series of gestures.


The full Archangel Frame safety document is available here: Safety Document. We intend to adjust and add to our safety protocols to best serve the community as it evolves.